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GIVEAWAY: Enter to WIN a Tops Gift Card & RARE Coupons (3 WINNERS) — 39 Comments

  1. Since I live in cattaraugus , I shop at tops for sales and deals with coupons because they double, thank you suzysaver for posting all your deals, it has helped me as a single mom in college on a strict budget!

  2. I started couponing at CVS, but now I almost exclusively coupon at Tops. Thanks for finding all the sweet deals!

  3. I don’t coupon much but recently have been enjoying trying Wegmans digital coupons which are actually pretty high value and for fresh/healthy things like precut veggies/dairy/organic breads

  4. my favorite store have to be rite aid, when plenti points, it is never expired plus you can use it to cover tax

  5. I love CVS! Manufactures coupons, stacked with store coupons, that can also be used on the free item!! and you get extra bucks!

  6. Thanks for all your hard work to help us all save for our families or to help others when we can. It benefits a lot of people, even if they don’t coupon, (which is crazy, to say the least). We can help others by showing them how it works and pass along the info to others. It helps a lot more than we know in the long run.

  7. My favorite store for coupons lately has been dollar tree and tops although I need to review my add and do more matchups. Thanks for all the updates. Def makes it easier!

  8. Tops is the best so I can use coupons to get free stuff and earn free gas! Thanks for helping us with coupon matchups!

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